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Burning of Atlanta

The Battle of Atlanta was a key battle in the American Civil War. Here are some facts about the battle and burning of Atlanta, Georgia.

  • There were three important leaders in the battle. For the north, William Tecumseh Sherman led the troops. For the South, it started with Joseph Johnston, but soon moved to John Hood.
  • Joseph Johnston was replaced by John Hod because Johnston had a lack of agressiveness, and Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederacy, was getting impatient.
  •  The problem was that Hood was thought to be "All lion, no fox."
  • In one afternoon, the South under the direction of Hood lost twice as many troops as they did in 10 weeks under Johnston.

  • The Union goes on to win the battle and successfully capture Atlanta.
  • Atlanta was a center of transportation, factories, and supplies
  • On November 2nd, the Union soldiers went on and burned the entire city of Atlanta
  • It devastated the Southern supporters, and started the downfall of their nation

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